Vive le Outdoors!

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In New Zealand we have a climate that allows us to enjoy outdoor living for much of the year. As we move into Spring its time to think about reclaiming our outdoor spaces and preparing them for sun-filled days and warm evenings that last well into late Autumn.

My approach when designing an outdoor room is dependent on the relationship to the home and whether or not the indoors and outdoors connect seamlessly. The architecture, purpose and lifestyle of the client all inform how the space is designed and furnished.

Outdoor rooms become important components of our homes so its worth the investment of good quality furniture that will last. Good outdoor furniture is expensive, so it needs to pass the “test of time” criteria. Leading designers in Europe and the USA are responsible for much of the top imported outdoor furniture available here. Our own furniture designers are stepping up with new ranges being released to the market this year that are raising the bar.

Outdoor furniture comes in as many configurations as the interior models. Sofas, arm chairs, low tables, dining tables and chairs, sun loungers, and day beds. There is a solution for every situation and spaces can be multi purpose.

Another great addition is an outdoor rug to define the area. There are a multitude of hard wearing synthetic rugs that are ideal for creating a softening island to center an outdoor furniture setting on.

Five top tips for perfecting outdoor rooms

  1. Use the same colour palette and a sympathetic style of furniture to your interiors so that the outdoor room is cohesive with the rest of your home.

  2. Think about textural interest in the pieces you choose. Contrast creates interest.

  3. Design for the space you have and scale the size of the furniture accordingly.

  4. Ensure that all the seating is comfortable and well laid out for ease of conversation. No more than three metres between mouths.

  5. Pay attention to the durability of the fabrics.

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