Renovating bathrooms successfully


Bathrooms should be a place of sanctuary and retreat, not just a utilitarian space.

Turning a tired and poorly designed bathroom into a beautiful and functional space can be more challenging than starting from scratch in a new build. However, some of the more rewarding bathroom renovations have been when we have had to work with existing parameters, and have transformed a dated and non-functional bathroom into something special and inspiring.

Its usually, but not always better to leave the plumbing where it is, especially in apartments. But if we think its important to move things around if structure and budget allow to gain greater potential from the space we will push to maximise the design.

You can never isolate the bathroom for the rest of the home aesthetically, so renovations must be in keeping with the existing design language. A sense of cohesion with the architecture and interiors is very important.

Having said that, we love making powder rooms a surprising and delightful experience….there is always room for artistic license and a WOW moment!

Five top bathroom renovations benefits we provide for our clients

  1. Increase the homes value. Improving the function and style of your bathroom will add value to your home and appeal to buyers should you decide to sell later.

  2. Save on monthly household bills. Replacing leaky taps and old toilets, inefficient lighting and heating with energy efficient and water efficient fittings will save on utility costs long term.

  3. Opportunity to reduce clutter with smart storage designs that maximise the available space with the room.

  4. Update the look and feel of the room and breath new life into every day activities. Get the lighting mix right, task and ambient lighting to cater for all the activities that take place.

  5. Become a personal, peaceful oasis that really increase your own enjoyment of your home.

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