Darker wood grains & more comfort: Autumn 2018

Autumn interior colours by Dulux

Autumn 2018 is  all about colour, texture and the boldness. Statement pieces are an exciting trend for the season. Warm, exotic colours mixed with artisanal textured finishes, and large enveloping pieces of furniture or detailed embellishments such as ornate hardware. Think leather drawer pulls, heavy metal curtain rings and rods, brass handles for cabinetry and lighting features.  Maximalism is making its presence felt in 2018 and allows people to express themselves in vibrant and unique ways that Minimalism doesn’t. Image credit: Dulux 2018.


Up the cosiness factor

Expect vibrant oranges, rich plum hues, and warm earthy tones like Terracotta. This rich shade sits in the bronze family, with its touch of orange and a hint of red. It looks great on tactile materials – especially bed linen – along with ceramics and tiles or an architectural feature for dramatic effect . Lighter woods have been on trend for a while, but expect to see more darker woods like mahogany, oak and walnut along with dark veneers.
Think velvets, suedes, and leather for their relaxed and sensual nature. Up the cosiness factor by adding in lashings oversized knitted throws, luxurious velvets, linens and soft woollen rugs and hides layered underfoot for impact. Go all out with a velvet sofa or take baby steps with a jewel toned velvet throw or cushion. Linen is perfect at this time of year. It is hypoallergenic, anti-static, breathable, low maintenance, and its unique soft texture that becomes softer with age. [Images below sourced from Pinterest.]

Autumn textiles

Seek out organic, earthy luxury, raw textures. Think patterns in organic grains, water marks, organic weathering, hand glazed ceramics, worn and weather wood and frayed edges to textile. Embrace the imperfectness of nature and Wabi-sabi. With interiors  this translates to handmade or hand-painted items including rough linens and pottery. The result? A deeply personal, organic aesthetic. Terrazzo is returning. This composite material of broken marble and cement that is polished and smooth. It gives a speckled mosaic look to floors and benches for a maximalist impact…..or a vase as an accent.  [Images below sourced from Pinterest.]

Terrazzo kitchen

Darker wood grains

There is a renewed appreciation for heavy cabinetry, possibly as a move away from open shelving. Rather than stark-white kitchen cabinets, expect to see warm greys, earthy hues and creams, as well as wood grain tones. Statement storage will be a growing trend in 2018. Gone are the days of sacrificing style for function. Versatile pieces like a tamboured buffet are expanding beyond media and dining rooms for creative placement throughout the home. There seems to be a growing desire for high-end organisation in our personal space, a desire for things—and life—to feel pulled together.

Tamboured buffet by  Anthropologie

Tamboured buffet by Anthropologie


Comfort spaces

Everyone is looking for comfort and reassurance, enveloping silhouettes will continue to grow in popularity. Couches will take cues from the boldness of the '70s this season, with sensual, generous curves that liven up your living room and envelope and cocoon.

Curving couch

Image: Parisian apartment interior designed by Joseph Dirand.

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